About Great Hat!



I grew up in Vermont and have lived here most of my life. In my childhood home many of our clothes were hand made. Learning to sew was like learning to tie your shoes. My mother, a seamstress and mother of 7 was always busy with custom sewing and alterations at home, as well as the many items that she made for the family. There were sometimes bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses hanging in her sewing room in various stages of completion.

I started making hats in 1994. I have been making them in my Lincoln Vermont home ever since. I have no formal training or degree. Most of my designs come from a lot of trial and error. My home is my studio. Each hat is individually cut (on my kitchen table). I work out of a small sewing room bristling with feathers, fur, trims and shiny things. My basement serves as storage, piled with bolts of fabric and tubs of velvet and hats cut and ready to be stitched. My primary fabrics are polar fleece, stretch velvet and cotton jersey, but I will try anything that catches my eye. Faux fur, tapestry or recycled clothing. I’m always on the lookout for “glitz”. Vintage jewelry and buttons, woven trims, feathers, faux fur, or vintage lace. I love to incorporate these things into my hats. My hats are all original designs. I do all the work myself. The hats continue to evolve as I incorporate different materials. I'm inspired by Edwardian, Victorian and retro hats.

I attend a few local shows in New England just for fun and feedback. I love talking to people and getting their responses to my hats. When people come into my kiosk, the remark is often "What a Great Hat!" Thus  the name ~ Great Hat!

 Thank you for visiting my shop! 


The Cutting Room

This is where all the cutting is done. In my bay window on the kitchen table...one hat at a time.



I have miles of trims to choose from. I'm always happy to mix and match colors and trims of your choice.